Maybe This Isn’t the Best Time to Teach the Democratic Party a Lesson


In the battle for the Democratic nomination in 2008, things got pretty damned ugly and a lot of scary promises were made. More than a few Clinton supporters insisted, “If Obama gets the nomination, I’m writing in Hillary.” According to the Federal Elections Commission, there were 112,597 miscellaneous write-in votes, among which it can be assumed votes for Hillary Clinton could be counted. Keep in mind, this is also where you’ll find votes for cartoon characters, inanimate objects, deceased historical figure and your garden variety Honeys Booboo. Meanwhile, Obama received 69,498,516 votes. Continue reading “Maybe This Isn’t the Best Time to Teach the Democratic Party a Lesson”

Let’s Not Talk About Gun Control

It’s uniquely terrifying to consider the absurd extent to which many gun people are willing to suspend reason just so they can remain armed and dangerous. It’s like they are all in abusive relationships and every time there’s another shooting, they show up at work the next day with a black eye and a split lip. And they say, “You don’t understand. My guns LOVE me. They’d never do anything to hurt anyone. It’s the rest of the world that’s wrong.”

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What the Actual Trump?


So, Cruz is out. And we’re honestly and truly going ahead with this Trump thing. Wow, America. You have really let yourself go.

Basically everyone who isn’t a Trump fan is positive that the Trump campaign has an extremely serious race problem. But here’s the thing. I don’t think for a second that Donald Trump, the man, is an overt racist. But he is campaigning on some very harsh racial stereotypes and he is doing it on purpose. The tepid endorsement from David Duke and the appearance of alleged KKK members at rallies and voting precincts had at one point provided Trump with a golden opportunity to emphatically declare a position on race — an issue which remains divisive and critical all across America. But instead, he acted as if all this race crap is just liberal bullshit.

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Alzheimer’s and Will Ferrell and the Inevitable Bathwater

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.04.39 PM

Apparently, Will Ferrell is going to play Ronald Reagan in a comedy about Alzheimer’s. And everyone is already going crazy about it.

Will Ferrell to Play Ronald Reagan in Alzheimer’s Comedy ‘Reagan’

When learning about this project, the first reaction most people have is: “Terrible idea.” “There is nothing funny about Alzheimer’s.” “His career is over.”

I beg to differ.

My dad had Alzheimer’s and my mom cared for him in their home. Once when mom was flying down to Texas to visit her brother, I spent a week caring for and being with dad — just me and him. He probably recognized me about 20% of the time. Despite that, it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Each night I would bring him his pills and some water in a pair of those tiny Dixie paper bathroom cups. He would sit up in his bed, take the pills and down the water. Then he would take each cup and twist them onto his enormous ears, so they would stay there on their own. After that he would simply stare at me, with a huge grin on his face, and wait for me to notice. When I did he would pull each cup off with exaggerated effort and a sucking sound. He did this for me every night I was there. It was genuinely funny and beautiful. And so was he. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s and Will Ferrell and the Inevitable Bathwater”

Trump Stamps

I’ve decided to try to make one offensive word synonymous with another offensive word. Feel free to collect, share, and trade these images to your heart’s content. Suggestion: Why not use one for your profile pic on Facebook? Surprise your friends. Shame your other friends. There’s no wrong way to use ’em!