The Drone


When you consider the number of American lives that have been taken by personal drones in just the last year, it’s no wonder our government has acted so swiftly to create a national registry of drone owners and tighter regulations governing their use.


One thought on “The Drone

  1. I believe cars should be regulated to a point. Testing and licensing and proof of insurance, yes. The taxes and costs for licensing cars should not be as high as they are, it is tantamount to taxation without representation. No one has ever asked me if I wanted to be taxed on the value of my car, and if they did, I would say no and I am sure almost everyone would feel the same way. In fact I have not been able to locate information regarding the when and why this practice started?!?!
    Drones I believe should be highly regulated and difficult to get. I do not know a great deal about them and I do not believe most people do either. That alone should concerns me. Something that is used by the military to take out enemy targets should not be put into the hands of untrained civilians.
    Which brings us to guns. Guns should be as highly regulated and difficult to get as drones, possibly more so. A person purchasing a gun should be required to go through the same steps as with a car with the addition of background checks. They should be have to register it, be required to prove they know how to operate (and properly store) the weapon by a testing process, they should be required to carry a license and provide proof that it is insured. And they should be taxed as personal property. Considering the fact that a car is manufactured to provide transportation and a gun is manufactured to take a life, this should be a given.


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